Adult video chat for iphone 5

One company found that of the 11 most popular smartphones worldwide, only one had a screen smaller than 4.6 inches. Other people, people who didn't already own an i Phone, bought the 5s long after it stopped counting as high-end.

Apple said at its event last week that it sold 30 million 4-inch i Phones in 2015.

Forget about using this phone in Google Cardboard, because that's a blurry mess. But the SE convinced me that at the very least, downsizing isn't downgrading. The A9 processor is stupid fast, as well-suited to games and Air Play mirroring and whatever else you want to do as any smartphone ever made.

Almost everything else about the SE is exactly what you'd imagine. The 12-megapixel camera takes excellent photos even in bad light. Almost everything the i Phone 6s does, the SE does just as well. Three things about the 6s didn't make the cut for the SE.

Touch Chat is a full-featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice.

Touch Chat is designed for individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect a person's ability to use natural speech.

I can touch every corner of the screen with my thumb.

That's better than the 6s, and at least as good as the 6s Plus.

Without so much screen to power, the SE just goes and goes.

Put it all together, and the SE sounds like the perfect smartphone. Sure, it's not as easy to hold in one hand, but my gargantuan i Phone 6s Plus is so much better for watching movies, so much more suited to reading books and long articles, so much more pleasant to type on, that I can't give it up.

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